Our college aims not only at the development of effective teachers who are masters of their subject but also the exemplary figures immersed in social, moral, ethical and intellectual values. Along with providing vocational efficiency, we strive for the development of healthy and balanced personality who is awakened for his own rights and duties and also the needs of the society and nation at large. The productive values are nurtured that aim at enriching the self, harmony and peace.

1. To inculcate the supreme faith of our students in supreme power- God by regularly conducting morning assembly so that they can develop confidence to face the challenges of life boldly. It will make them morally and spiritually upright.
2. To develop democratic discipline among would be teachers by providing them sufficient freedom alongwith a sense of responsibility while organizing various curricular and academic activities of the institution.
3. To develop social qualities among the would be teachers by organizing activities like community lunch, community visit, public awareness programmes etc. All this will generate mutual co-operation, feeling of brotherhood and sense of social service which will lead them to serve the society.
4. To enable the students to become capable of keeping pace with technological advancements in the field of teaching by providing them maximum exposure to ICT.
5. To expand the teaching abilities of would be teachers by introducing them with a variety of teaching skills, methods and aids such as skills of discussion, explanation, questioning, use of relevant charts, models, photos and videos during micro and macro teaching sessions.
6. To lead gradually our students from small teaching groups in micro teaching to large groups in macro teaching. The experience of micro teaching helps in polishing the teaching skills which shine brightly during macro teaching.
7. To enhance the personality of our students by organizing personality development programmes through special organizations which conduct sessions on time management, leadership skills, communication skills etc.
8. To foster all round development of the students by organizing seminars, workshops and extension lectures throughout the year.